Friday, July 2, 2010

Spirit of Building: Return to HÄRDBÖRD

Not sure if I ever started a post about the electric skateboard, but here goes.

Introducing Project HÄRDBÖRD: for lack of better name. Feel free to give suggestions; maybe something about the look of the board will inspire you.

Anyway, this is a greater attempt at personal mobility devices since my electric bike. This project features:
  • Custom Waterjet frame
  • 2 brushless wheelmotors with hall effect sensors
  • A123 cells for power
  • on board charging system for ease
  • (possibly) custom brushless controllers
  • wireless control via custom nunchuck controllers
I drew up the plans together with my friend Xo and together we are going to tackle this ordeal. Here is a Render.

Basically, the user holds the nunchuck controller and uses the sticks for proportional control to the motors. Ideally, I would like the buttons to do something (like underglow) but that increases power consumption for Rx and Tx.

Yesterday my parents drove up to visit and brought up the parts that Big Blue Saw had made way back when.

Turned out pretty well if I say so myself. Some minor errors [missing an extrusion and hole spacing is off], but I have been in contact with Simon ever since trying to get them straightened out.

I need to buy tools soon so I can begin putting this together. Each of the boards have a small amount of flex which both good and bad. Most longboards have flex as a natural shock absorber and turning aid but since Xo and I have electronics underneath, it would be ideal to reduce the amount of bend.

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  2. Man, how do I subscribe or follow or whatever?

  3. lol I don't actually know. I think you have to have a google/blogger account.

    Google is taking over the world!!!

  4. if you go brushless you will need either 4 pole 1/5th scale motors -OR- 12 pole motors around 700Kv and higher. ive already done this so theres your options. run 4S LiPO to each motor. contact:

  5. nice board design but it seems a bit first timer. definitly stick with large scale R/C parts to get the best tech into it. Theres no replacement to usurp Lithium Polymer output.

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