Turboencabulator (RB, 12 lbs)

A 12-pound combat robot designed to compete at Dragon Con's Robot Battles sumo-style event.

Photo taken by Greg Shikhman

Weapon Vertically-rotating roller network
Batteries 6s1p Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (A123) Pack
Drive Motors 4x Johnson 9167AJ with 5:1 helical gear reduction
Weapon Motors 2x lynxmotion 30:1 spur gearmotors
Materials 1/2" HDPE, 1/4" A-36 mild steel, 1/8" PVC, 5/16" Polycarbonate
Drive Controller 2x Banebots 12-45 ESCs
Weapon Controller Turnigy 10A RC Switch
Communication Spektrum Dx6i with OrangeRx R610
Top Speed 20mph (1 sec to top speed)

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The Turboencabulator is designed to charge the opponent from a favorable angle and lift them off the ground using the vertical roller network. Once the opponent is separated from the ground, the robot can easily expel the opponent from the stage. Ground clearance is high to account for the myriad of obstacles that could be placed upon the surface of the stage.

Dragon Con Robot Battles 2012


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