Attrition (12 lbs)

The highest-density weaponed 12 pound combat robot worldwide!

Last Updated 09/12/2015

Attrition before Motorama 2015 (penny for scale).

Weapon15k RPM, 4lb hardened steel drum
Batteries4s1p 2200mAh Lithium Polymer Pack
Drive Motors2x custom planetary gearboxes with RS-395 motors
Weapon MotorsHacker A50, 8-pole turbine motor
MaterialsS7 tool steel, 4130 steel, 1075 steel, 7075 Aluminum, SLS nylon.
Drive ControllerBanebots 12-45 ESCs
Weapon ControllerTurnigy Plush 60A ESC
CommunicationSpektrum Dx6i with OrangeRx R615X
Top Speed8.5 mph

Attrition is my first 12 pound combat robot and has come a long way since its conception in 2008. Version 1 had a shoddy drive and weak frame left it defensive for many of its matches. Now in 2013, Attrition version 2 is the aggressor; its thick S7 armor can defend against any opponent in its weight class but its high-KE brushless drum can toss competitors up to 8 ft in the air! The remaining weight is reserved for a number of attachments which can be employed against specific types of opponents. With these improvements in design, Attrition is currently the #1 ranked Hobbyweight in the nation. Time will tell if Attrition can hold its spot at the top!

Selected Media
Attrition v Flatline

Attrition v Hyper Drive

Attrition v Isotelus Rex

Attrition v Upchuck

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  1. Did you machine those timing pulleys yourself? If not, where did you get them?