Kawaiicopter v1.3

My first aerial object.

Kawaiicopter is my first attempt of making something that can fly. It is furthermore my attempt to delve into PCB design, PCB fabrication, and control systems applications. This machine is fully custom short of the radio equipment and Atmega 328p breakout board (arduino).

The PCB was designed using EAGLE CAD in just two days. The layout was relatively simple because kawaiicopter uses brushed motors exclusively. Therefore proportional motor control could be achieved  simply by pulse width modulation (PWM) of battery voltage to each motor. This was done by sending a PWM signal from the Arduino's analog pins to the gate of a MOSFET  that would switch battery voltage at the same pulse width as the Arduino signal.

The motors used were recycled from some EDF units I had floating around. The frame was rapid prototyped using a Dimension 1200es FDM printer.

Selected Pictures

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