Silent Spring (3 lbs)

Modular weapon beetleweight and 2019 Combat Robot Hall of Fame Inductee!

Last updated 09/04/2019

Silent Spring v5 after winning Motorama 2019

Weapon7.5" asymmetrical, 12oz, AR500 steel disk
Batteries4s1p 1000mAh Lithium Polymer Pack
Drive Motors2x BotKits 22mm gearmotor w/aluminium mod
Weapon MotorAXi 2814 brushless motor
MaterialsNylonG, Ti 6-4, AR500, 7075-T6 Aluminum, Ninjaflex Cheetah, UHMW.
Drive Controller2x BotBitz 10A
Weapon ControllerZTW Spider 40A ESC
CommunicationSpektrum DX6 with OrangeRx R615X
Top Speed~11k RPM

Silent Spring was originally designed in 2015 as an upscale version of version 2 of DDT and its name continues of the theme of insecticides (credit to Nate Franklin for the idea). The robot was designed to be a bit of a joke bot that simply dished out big hits. When the bot was refined to survive its own impacts, it began placing better at events purely by outlasting its opponents in weapon-to-weapon trades. Since then, the bot was refined further to include modular weaponry and gained a reputation for being a top-notch beetle in the US.

1st Place, MASS Destruction (2015)
2nd Place, Franklin Institute (2015)
2nd Place, MASS Destruction (2015)
3rd Place, Motorama (2016)
2nd Place, Bot Blast (2016)
1st Place, Franklin Institute (2016)
2nd Place, Motorama (2017)
1st Place, MASS Destruction 7 (2017)
1st Place, Bot Blast (2017)
2nd Place, Robot Battles 64 (2017)
1st Place, Motorama (2018)
1st Place, Norwalk Havoc (2018)
1st Place, Franklin Institute (2018)
1st Place, Motorama (2019)
1st Place, Norwalk Havoc (2019)
Inducted, Combat Robot Hall of Fame (2019)
1st Place, Norwalk Havoc (2019)

Selected Media

The first version of Silent Spring.


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