Silent Spring (3 lbs)

Big bang action beetleweight undercutter built to survive between competitions.

Last updated 09/17/2015

Silent Spring: 3 lb undercutting disk combat robot.

Weapon7.5" asymmetrical, 12oz, 4130 hardened steel disk
Batteries4s1p 1000mAh Lithium Polymer Pack
Drive Motors2x Fingertech "Silver Spark" 33:1 Gearmotors
Weapon Motor35-30 NTM Brushless Motor
Materials1095, UHMW, 6061 Aluminum, 4130 Steel.
Drive ControllerVex Robotics Motor Controller 29
Weapon ControllerTurnigy AE 40A ESC
CommunicationSpektrum Dx6i with OrangeRx R615X
Top Speed14k RPM

Silent Spring is an upscale version of version 2 of DDT; its name continues of the theme of insecticides (credit to Nate Franklin for the idea). The robot was designed to survive a number of competitions, being waterjet from a single block of UHMW and featuring indirect drive methods using urethane round belt. Despite its conservative design, the robot packs an enormous punch, sending itself and its opponent to opposite ends of the arena. No matter the opponent, parts will fly and robots will die!

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