Razor Wind v1.3

Inter-campus Cause for Concern

Razor Wind is the second iteration of campus scooters at Georgia Tech. It capitalizes on a few key upgrades not limited to lighter weight, more compact design, higher top speeds, and ease of maintenance.

Razor Wind, like it's companion Safety Razor, was built using the resources available at the Georgia Institute of Technology Invention Studio.

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Version 1 featured 'hub motor' technology, in which a DC brushless motor was designed inside of the rear wheel. This motor was custom wound for high torque, such that it could move a person without additional gearing.

Razor Wind is currently on version 1.3: wheelpod edition. The wheelpod is a stand alone drive system that fits directly into the space of the old wheelmotor. It was intended to act as an temporary system but has proven effective enough for sustained use. Its statistics are tabulated below.

22” long, 4” wide, 35” tall (unfolded)
11.84 pounds
Top Speed
Calculated 30 MPH
Hacker A60-20S 1800W DC Brushless Motor with 2.21:1 chain drive
Power Source
Turnigy 22.2v, 5000mA lithium-polymer battery
Hall effect throttle with Arduino Nano ramping A/D conversion
6061 Aluminum
300+ pounds easily, limits to be empirically tested

v1.0: Hub Motor Edition

v1.2: Wheelpod Edition

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