DDT (1 lb)

Undercutter combat robot with a fully 3D printed chassis made from Nylon and Kevlar.

Last updated 09/12/2015

DDT v3 before it fought at Robot Battles 45
Weapon6" Asymmetrical , 3.7oz, 1075 hardened steel blade (60C)
Batteries3s1p 460mAh Lithium Polymer Pack
Drive Motors2x 22:1 Fingertech "Silver Spark" Gearmotors
Weapon MotorsHacker A20L Brushless Motor
MaterialsPolycarbonate, 1075, 1095, S7, Nylon, Kevlar.
Drive ControllerVex Robotics Motor Controller 29
Weapon ControllerTurnigy Plush 10A Brushless ESC
CommunicationSpektrum Dx6i with OrangeRx R615X
Top Speed11k RPM

DDT is insect weight entertainment at its finest, boasting one of the largest weapons in the 1 lb (antweight) class. However, it doesn't necessarily sacrifice in armor. Version 3 featured a MarkForged 3D printed frame made from a nylon and kevlar composite which is significantly tougher than ABS prints. New to this version is the addition of wheel guards and front belt guard.

Selected Pictures
V3 (2015)



V2 (2012)


V1 (2007)

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