MegatRON (30 lbs)

Childhood design, revisited with $$$.

Last Updated 09/12/2015

MegatRON at the end of Motorama 2015 with its 2nd place trophy.

WeaponCustom cut-off saw on an articulated arm with dustpan wedge
Batteries6s1p 5800mAh Lithium Polymer Pack
Drive Motors2x E0 Designs "DeWut" Motor Kits
Weapon MotorsHacker A60 Brushless Motor, Banebots 132:1 P60 with RS550 Motor
Materials6061 and 7075 Aluminum, 4130 Steel.
Drive ControllerE0 Designs Ragebridge 2
Weapon ControllerBotBitz 85A ESC, Turnigy Plush 80A ESC
CommunicationSpektrum Dx6i with OrangeRx R615X
Top Speed21 MPH

MegatRON is the giant version of my first ever combat robot (3 lb Beetleweoight) named RON. Now 10 years later, I have the funds and know-how to truly do this design justice. MegatRON uses its welded steel dustpan to push and capture its opponents. Once they are helplessly in his grasp, MegatRON drops the saw and mercilessly slices into the opponent's top armor. In its debut in 2014, MegatRON suffered from loose DeWalt clutches which ultimately led to its defeat. However in 2015, MegatRON was in full swing and took 2nd, losing in a nail-biter final to Triggo.

At Robot Battles, MegatRON changes shape to a "sportsman" class machine. Under these revisions, MegatRON has run under the name "Bug Love Robot" (2014) and "Overbite" (2015).

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