Cake (3 lbs)

Multi-time champion Beetleweight class combat robot

Weapon 12k RPM, 10oz CNC machined steel drum
Batteries 3s1p 1750mAh Lithium Polymer Pack
Drive Motors 2x 16:1 planetary gearboxes (B-series) mated with E-flite 180-sized motors
Weapon Motors Custom machined in-drum Brushless motor (based off Turnigy 35-32)
Materials 2024 Aluminum, 1020 Steel, G10-FR4 Garolite, 6061 Aluminum 10/6 Nylon
Drive Controller Robot Power Scorpion HX
Weapon Controller Turnigy Plush 30A esc
Communication Spektrum Dx6i with AR6110e
Top Speed slower than Dominant Mode

Cake was my first attempt to design and machine a pro-class beetleweight. Instead of using hacksawed sections of polycarbonate, I called the services of Big Blue Saw to waterjet machine the side panels and armor plates of the robot. My first experience with the lathe was turning the wheels, pullies, and hubs for the drive train.

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This robot performed as expected immediately clenching 1st at its debut event. It is my second robot to hold the #1 national ranking for 3-pound robotic combat.

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