Friday, June 19, 2015

Robot Power Vyper ESC CAD Available

After coming back from Battlebots 2015, I am DEFINITELY feeling the big bot bug. I began playing with some concepts for robots but, as you know my design style, noticed a 3D model for the Robot Power Vyper ESC did not exist. So I made one off the physical item courtesy of Charles Guan and make it available here.

So here it is. The actual dimensions ARE larger than the advertised size online. My guess is the fan on top adds some height. I may have added a shameless plug on the bottom side, hehe (feel free to remove it).  Charles has more details on the internals. Here is a 3D printed version of the STL model. Not too bad?

The model can be downloaded as an:

Parasolid TBH is probably the easiest, but choose your own medicine. Warning, no weight has been input yet!