Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today I am opening up 2 more project files. They may very well become integrated with each other if money does not permit, but I am very excited about getting to work. The integration of software into my designs has always been my weakness but that weakness is seeming to act as inspiration. Allow me to further describe said projects:
  • "Tofu"
  • Surveillance Robot [MICROSPY]
  • Innovative Car Steering System [SPEEDYCRAB]
Tofu is the improved version of Attrition, my 12-pound combat robot. Still features the spinning drum but with a few new components. Most notably different is the outer armor, which now sports .375" hardened s7 tool steel. In fact, the entire outside should be made from s7. We shall see how it holds up!

Surveillance Robot will be some mobile base with a turret mounted digital camera with can snap highish resolution photos and maybe take live feed (If I get creative). The real goal is to integrate some external radio source with the Arduino programming board and create some complex output. It is a reasonable step up from battlebots and basic circuits and certainly easier to manage than filtering Infrared signals from a TV remote (fridge bot).

Speaking of mobile base for the Surveillance Robot, I might be able to use the car chassis I am designing. Inspired by MIT's City Car project, I am trying to create a new steering mechanism to implement in existing car bodies that will allow more versatile mobility. Think Speed Racer basically. Design at this moment features 4 internally powered wheels each with their own separate steering mechanism. The steering mechanisms will coordinate with each other depending on what mode the vehicle is currently running with. Should be fun. I will be trying to integrate hall-effect sensors into conventional 2820 brushless outrunner motors so I can use them with reversible sensored controllers.

Pictures to come. Cheers!

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