Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cambridge and Guavascooter

I made it alive to MIT. Today marks one week of life up here. One week of life walking about because my latest scooter  just came today. Discussing the name with Charles, we decided a more fitting name for it was "Guavascooter", as an extension of Melonscooter except using the guava sized SK3 motors.

Without delay, here comes testing.

Tonight I drove this route to MITERS from my temp housing at Tang. Its about 1.68 miles as indicated by the picture above.

This route expended 1967mAh of battery capacity. From a 6900mAh pack, this means I could run this route about three times safely assuming voltage drop does not fall below 21V (ESC cutoff).

Tomorrow, I will determine the max speed of this scooter via time trials down Vassar street. More to post later.

An additional note, I am no longer using the esc in Guavascooter. The current ESC is a elifebike esc, which Charles and I will touch on later in the coming weeks. Cheers!

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