Thursday, March 1, 2012

Razor Wind v1.3: There I Fixed It

It took about 10 minutes to fix the damage brought from Friday's disaster. I decided the best (aka most economical) solution was to scrounge for some countersink 1/4-20 screws and use some low profile nuts or locknuts to secure the angle bracket to the base. The main difference here is that the bracket is secured from the bottom instead of tapping into the soft aluminum from the top. WE HAVE REAL STEEL THREADS!

I realized how my locknuts wouldnt give clearance to the folding joint parts. Luckily I found some 8020 hardware to abuse.

Don't tell anyone how much money I just wasted, but it worked hella well.

While I was at it, I looked to repair the damaged throttle also from last week's fall. The thumb stick had broken off, and the soft plastic parts had deformed enough to impede the movement of the throttle ring.

To replace the thumb stick, I drilled a hole into the remaining surface, tapped it for 4-40, filled the hole with loctite, threaded a 4-40 standoff in its place, and finally immersed the entire thing in goop.

Oh yeah, that's beautiful.

I tried to cut away the obstructing material with my handy dandy knives but to no avail. Without lubercant in sight, I decided to waste some of that (damned) silicon thermal compound in the joint.

Surprisingly, it worked really well!

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