Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Textual Updates

It is a loosely kept secret that I am not currently residing in Florida or Georgia this summer. As a result, summer term creativity has been pretty mute.

Some might call it slacking. I've reacquainted myself with Team Fortress 2 and all the hat(in)sanity. I've also been experimenting with this new Google+ object. Both of which I am proud to say, I HAD IT BEFORE IT BECAME FREE.

Anyway, I've not been slacking. PA Bot Blast will happen this upcoming Saturday and my robots have been ready since April. Each one of them snuggled in their little bubble wrap blankets, suffocated in duct tape. It is time to check on them.

This week I will begin cycling batteries and practice driving. I am confident each robot will put on a spectacular show, but by no means will this be an easy competition. If you are in the PA area, I encourage you to visit the event in Bloomsburg, PA.


In other news, OTAKON! I've registered for an anime convention I felt like attending and so preparations begin! I had Irony Man shipped up to my location so I can work on him. Upgrades are expected. I'll be using a arduino mini instead of the Duemilanove for size and simplicity of power routing (since I can run the mini off 3.3V, and hence require only one cell). I'll also be running some Luxeon super bright LEDs instead of the current modules.


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