Thursday, March 24, 2011

p0w3r Drive: Cut.

Mad rush to get the wheel spinning before Spring Break. It is Spring Break now, was I successful?


First operation was machining of the endcaps as discussed in the previous post.

Mounted to the lathe through a 5/16-18 cap screw and a copious number of hex nuts. Spun counter-clockwise at about 200 rpms for something that large in diameter.

Resulting part. Pretty shiny on all surfaces touched by the cutter. I did notice some wobble produced from radial play between the cap screw and the inner bore of the plate. This must have been what Shane was talking about. We will see if this proved troublesome enough to require correction, but considering the history of this project (v1 - v2 rebuild), I'll probably end up making new ones out of frustration.

The build is progressing very well so far! All components considered, it weighs just over two pounds, which is 2x lighter than the current kollemorgen system on my scooter. Speaking of which...

Stupid things to do on an electric scooter:

Part 2 to follow.

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