Saturday, February 19, 2011

p0w3r Drive: Turning

Late Friday night, looking to build. Waterjet is under its scheduled maintenance, so I elected to roll on over to the lathe for some quality turning time.

Feeling too frugal to purchase a large piece of Aluminum round, I pulled out a 1.25" dia round of 6061 from my scraps. Slightly less than 32mm. Shouldn't affect the system too much. I may add some anti-static tape to fill the gaps if necessary.

Post-Turn part. Drilled through with a 7/32" and tapped to 1/4-20. Chamfers with whatever degree I could find were made on outer edges. I was surprised to find a beautiful mirror-like sheen for the finish. Too bad that won't last long.

As illustrated in the model in a previous post, the ball bearing goes over that extrusion.

Radial picturage.

Next time when I finish prepping the waterjet, Ill cut the endcaps and the magnet can.

Speaking of magnet can, I elected to make a small design change in favor of using more (than one) of the 25ct bag of 2mm roll pins I bought. So here we have 7 additional 2mm holes through the magnet can rings as alignment devices.

I will probably partially press the rings together, add a gratuitous amount of superglue and press the entire assembly together. Should be solid. This part should NEVER BE SEPARATED!

Already I am beginning to find some slight design oversights. A 1/2" shaft with a 1/4-20 tap was a poor decision because that leaves very little room for wires to exit. Think of it as a 1/2" tube with 1/8" wall. My options are to make flats on three sides of the shaft or increase wire gauge. I am favoring the latter because cable organization would be far easier. I should be within reasonable current ratings in normal scenarios.


  1. hi i am want to build an eletric scotter but idk where 2 start i like the idea u have of a moter in the wheel how do u build it n wut tools do u need idk where 2 start so if u have ideas tell me them pleas e thank you

  2. Where did you get your stator I'm building a electric longboard

  3. The stator used above came from a hitachi motor form a large copier. Should be some over here:

    Note: there are two flavors of this motor. One has the green epoxy coating as seen above and the other has this cheap removable plastic cover.

    If this motor doesn't tickle your fancy, you can also hunt ebay for sizable motors. xerox, canon, etc use decently large stators.

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