Tuesday, June 23, 2009

They Make "Fun-sized" Robots as well...

Hey you! You haven't posted since Saturday night! Right I haven't and for good reason. First, I have my mind wrapped around a new Beetleweight class robot. For those joining us now, a beetleweight weighs 3 pounds and competes in combat competitions such as Battlebots (see BARF tags). I have spent most of my free time (and there has been much of that) CADing a new robot which is yet to be named.

Behold! The micro version of my larger 12-pound robot Attrition. The robot has a nearly 1 pound spinning drum as "x" many RPMs. Banebot 25mm, 20:1 gearboxes for drive and lots of recycled parts. Attrition was an extremely innovative and successful robot so I am hoping that this robot will also share its design success. The bad part is that I may not get started on construction because I need some larger machines available at Tech. So it it may be a few months until I can actually get started. Either way, it proves to be a fun project!

If you have any name suggestions, let me know (and you know how).

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