Introduction to Electric Vehicle Systems and Design

Temporary Class Web Page for the EV class hosted through the Georgia Tech Invention Studio.

Advanced Brushless Power Systems for Small Electric Scooters - Charles Guan
The New and Improved Brushless Electric Scooter Guide - Charles Guan

Presentations and Useful Documents - Google Docs.
Parts Database - Google Docs. User created part models shared for the class.

Parts Links
Speedy Metals
Electric Scooter Parts
Caster City
Monster Scooter Parts
Amazon Supply
Stock Drive Products
VXB Bearings
Battery Space
Robot Marketplace

Sources of Inspiration
Equals Zero (Charles Guan)
Shane Colton
EV Album

Special Thanks to Charles Guan and Shane Colton of MIT for their help and inspiration.
See how their 2.007 EV section turned out!

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